5 Benefits of Low Loader Trucks and Matters to Consider Before Transporting Heavy Cargoes.

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Logistics companies use different trucks for their delivery movement every single day. Trucks and trailers come in different sizes and shapes for transportation, depending on different cargo types and sizes moving from point A to B.

Not any truck is able to carry all types of cargoes.

For every transportation movement, careful planning & arrangement need to be undertaken to avoid any unfortunate incident/ accident from happening.

Here is why Low Loader play an important part in logistics transportation field in the world today.

  1. Over Gauge Dimension Cargoes

Cargoes come with all sizes and shapes. Some are super wide; some are super high. But most of the time, Low Loader can handle these kind of cargoes with ease. Low Loader are built with lower base and wider length trailer to support the cargo base .This is to avoid the cargoes & trailer to  shake unstably when truck is making a turning or travelling on uneven roads. The lower the trailer, the more the impact is being absorbed.

2. Limitation of space at Site

Not only is the cargo an issue, sometimes the pick up and drop off area might play a part too. Not all factories or site entrance are wide and high enough to allow over gauge cargoes to pass through. With low loader handling these cargoes, dismantling of factories and site entrance part may need to be communicated; whether is necessary. 

3. Malaysia JPJ Road Laws

As per JPJ (ie Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan/ Ministry of Transport) Law in Malaysia, cargoes which are more than 2.4m / 8ft width and height will be required to use Low Loader and Multi-Axles (oversized cargoes).

Flyovers height limitation and road width limitations are factors that are important consideration under the Malaysia JPJ Road Laws.

General Trailer and pole trailer may not be suitable to transport over gauge cargoes for safety measures to avoid heavy traffic jams or even fatal accidents.

4. City Area Advantage

With Urban City Areas filled with public amenities such as lamp posts and overhead bridges for expressway; the route journey delivering cargoes to these areas may have certain constraints especially to ensure safety of public at large as well. Thus, with our low loader / multi axles with low height base and followed by our private escorts enable cargoes to be delivered safely and ensure safety and smoothness of traffic.

5. Ramp Low Loader

Low Loader also comes with various of specifications trailer. There were flat-bed, low bed / U-Bed and extendable length trailer type as well. Besides these, there are also low loader built with ramp which allows client to drive machinery like dump truck and forklift onto trailer during loading and offloading. This also help them to save cost on hiring loading team during loading and offloading.

Low Loaders will not only help you with your daily heavy haulage delivery but also provide you with effective solutions in handling special kind of cargoes. Low Loader are built with lightweight material but at the same time able to withstand even heavier cargo than its build.

Imagine if the low loader doesn’t exist today, the duration for factory machines and other over gauge cargo need to be dismantled before exporting and assemble back before it is able to function again and will take longer period to complete for use.

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