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A) RORO Operations for 2 units of 650Ton Unloader.

We have provided consultation, planning and supervision for RORO operation for  2 units Unloader from Muhibbah Jetty to Jurong Port, Singapore. 1 unit 23.34 x 13.40 x 50.00m; weight 650 Tons each.

Work Scope: The supply of ballasting barge, transportation by multi axles trailer-20 axles side by side, drawing, ballasting and trims calculations, and lashing of equipment onto barge.

B) RORO operation for 1 unit PC 400 project crane, weighting about 300Tonnes.

Work Scope: Supply of ballasting barge | Transportation by 20 multi axles trailer (side by side) | Drawing & trims calculation | Lashing of equipment on barge | Consultation & Supervision

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